Wonderware Intouch problem with WindowViewer

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      I have made a mistake trying to add a –fullscreen attribute in the shortcut properties of the WindowViewer application in textbox “Target” of Windows shortcut properties in order to try to fix the visual issues I’ve been having with the Intouch WindowViewer application. After doing that, I received an error “Application “C:–FULLSCREEN”. Access denied” when trying to start Window Viewer. And that’s when my nightmare started

      When I saw this mistake, I removed the –fullscreen attribute from the “Target” field, but even after doing that, I am still receiving the error “Application “C:–FULLSCREEN”. Access denied” , as this –fullscreen attribute seem to have been saved somewhere.


      Is there some way to fix this issue and to be able to use the Intouch WindowViewer application again?



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