Writing Time&Date from Controller using Datalinks to PowerFlex 753

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      Hey Gurus,

      What i am trying to do is write the Time and Date from the controller into the Drive. i know i can set it from CCW or the HIM but does anyone know a way to do it though Ethernet?

      The drives i have been working with are Powerflex 753 with Ethernet cards in port 4. The controller is actually a DeltaV PK controller so i have to write the time and date over DPI Data links.

      Here is what i know about the DPI Data links.

      The PF753 has 5 default DPI DataLinks

      the first 32 bits are a “Pad word” which is just zeros

      the second 32 bits is the Status Word output from the drive things like run status, fault status, speed reference ect..

      the third 32 bits are used as speed feedback from the drive either Hz or RPM

      the forth is an input to the drive is a 32 bit command word, things like start, fault reset, direction, ect

      the firth is the speed set point. (im using P550 = 874 Port4)

      those are the default DPI data links everything else is left up to the user to define.

      you can write or read almost any parameter.

      all of that works but i cant find a place to write the time and date into the drive.

      there is no perimeter i can find that stores the time and date.

      is there any way to do this?





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