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How To Install FREE Rockwell Software

In this article, we’ll show you how to navigate the Rockwell Automation website to find free programming software that you can download.

That’s right, Rockwell does provide a FREE set of tools for the MicroLogix 1100 platform of controllers without the need to spend any $$$ at all!

The MicroLogix 1100 programmable logic controller is a powerful low cost controller that adds embedded EtherNet/IP (typically found in larger, more expensive controllers), on-line editing, and an LCD panel for quick setup and configuration.

The built-in LCD panel shows controller status, I/O status, and simple operator messages. With 2 analog inputs, 10 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs

The MicroLogix 1100 controller is capable of handling a wide variety of tasks.

What Software Are You Going To Need?

There are 3 key pieces of software we are going to need in order to get up and running – the best part they are all completely free!

Not only do we get free Rockwell software, we will be able to fully develop, download, upload, debug, run and test your PLC programs without buying any hardware or software at all.

So what are we going to need exactly:

  1. RSLogix500 Micro Lite v8.3
  2. RSLinx Lite v2.57
  3. RSLogix Emulate 500 v6.00

So what are we waiting for…let’s get started!

Locating And Downloading Your Free Software!

You would think this step would be somewhat easy, however, if you’ve ever visited the Rockwell Automation website you’ll quickly learn that even some of the simpler tasks…like this one, can prove somewhat challenging.

For this tutorial, I will reference Rockwell Knowledge Technote 63956, so I recommend if you don’t currently have an account setup, you should do so now – it’s FREE!

Skip The Verb-age And Watch How To Download Free Rockwell Software On YouTube!

Okay, I assume you have your account setup now…Great! Now, to download the free Rockwell software we need, do the following:

  1. Go to Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC)
  2. At the top of the screen search for MicroLogix 1100 then Select   firmware 10.000.
  3. From selection choose Select Files option: Select RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx ENFree Rockwell Software
  4. Select RSLogix Micro Starter Lite w/o RSLinx EN, RSLogix Emulate 500, and RSLinx Classic Lite for MicroLogix.

Free Rockwell Software

Then click the Download Now button:

Free Rockwell Software

You’ll then be prompted to log in using the account you created above and will have the option to download the files either via their Download Manager or Direct Download after accepting their license terms.

Free Rockwell Software
Direct Download


On that’s just about it! Want to see the complete the complete How To video on our YouTube Channel. Check it out below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

Installing RSLogix 500, RSLinx, and RSLogix Emulate

Installing the software really is no more difficult than installing any standard software package. The first thing you will need to do is the self-extracting .exe (.rar) files you downloaded above.

Once extracted you can simply double click the Setup files to begin the installation.

Checkout the complete How To video on our YouTube Channel.

Watch How To Install Free Rockwell Software Live On YouTube!

Setting Up And Using RSLogix Emulate 500

Finally, we’ve arrived! Learn how to configure the RSLogix Emulate 500, RSLinx and write a simple program in RSLogix Micro Starter Lite.

This video will show you all the settings and configuration necessary to get you up and running quickly with this free Rockwell software!

Watch How To Use Free Rockwell Software Live On YouTube!

Final Words…

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