Studio 5000 Versioning and Firmware

Hi, first of all this site looks great!

I’m having a problem, I have a ControlLogix 1756-L61 processor that has been programmed using Studio 5000 previously.

I’m running Studio 5000 versions 24 but when I try to open the programming file a popup saying that it was created using version 21.03. The two options I have to convert the program are only 20 or 24.¬†First thing I did was try to import to 20, but did not work, so I tried version 24 and it seemed to convert. Is there anything I will need to do to download this now?


  1. Hi. Be careful of what you do here. Rockwell’s Studio versions can be tricky to understand and upgrade if you do not have past experience dealing with the issues you can come up against. But are you sure the program file that is running in that processor was created in V21.03? As far as I can tell the 1756L6X series processors were only supported up to V20 of RSLogix5000 software. The 1756L7X series processors support V20 RSLogix5000 and also V21 and up in the new StudioLogix. If it is a 1756L71 processor AB’s ControlLogix, (most powerful system) it most likely has a lot going on, probably motion or drive communication. You also have to be aware that any other hardware running on the system has to be compatible with the new version of firmware or at least be able to be upgraded to be compatible in the same way the processor is. My advice to you if you are not sure and have a valid Rockwell Software License: Go to their website and download / install Studio 21.03, it’s free and uses the same license as your current V24 and you don’t have to uninstall V24. You can have as many Versions of Studio and RS5000 installed on your PC as you want and the correct version will open automatically when you open your file. You can then open an original copy of the program and go online or make changes as you want.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Hey thanks for the complement! We’re doing our best over here.

    Now for your question. Yes, unfortunately in order to download your converted version 24 program you will need to update the firmware in order to do that. The thing with Rockwell software/hardware is that the software version must match the firmware version of the controller…it does become a bit of a pain to manage.

    So you have a couple of options:
    1. Install version 21.03 of the software – this is why you only saw two options when you tried to convert…you are only running those instances of the software on your computer.

    2. Update the firmware of the controller to version 24. Remember, always do a firmware update when directly connected (not over a network) as disastrous results can happen if it is interrupted. Of course make sure the machine is not running!

    Hope this helps! And while your here why not become a part of our community and register!

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