Stratix 5700 for Line Control

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      I am wanting to set up one of my lines to have all machines (10 plus) to talk to the line control PLC and each other (for handshakes on a produce/consume) and then map the PLCs and HMIs out to my plant network.

      Based on what I do currently, I am thinking I will have 1783-NATR modules in each machine (we normally do this anyway) to map out to a second private network where my line control PLC and associated drives, remote I/O etc will reside. On that second network I will locate a Stratix 5700 as a router so that the individual machines can talk to the line control PLC and use the NAT function to pass those PLCs and HMIs up to my plant network for remote access/monitoring and some data collection activities.

      First question: Will this work as I have described.

      Second question: I am thinking of using a 1783-CMS10P for this purpose but would like to have a couple more ports. The configurator resets every time I try to select more copper ports. Any idea of another part number that gives me everything on the CMS10P but with a few more ports?

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