Best Precision Screwdriver Sets

Best Precision Screwdriver Sets [2024 Buying Guide]

A precision screwdriver, is a screwdriver that is designed with more emphasis on precision and accuracy rather than torque or force.

Small devices such as those found in electronics, watches, mobile devices, and even computers, require the use of a precision screwdriver to undertake repairs.

In this buying guide, we will discuss our recommendations for what we think are the best precision screwdriver sets available right now.

Top 8 Best Precision Screwdriver Sets

It’s important to note that all precision screwdriver sets listed here are readily available on Amazon for a great price.

#8. Tarvol Precision Screwdriver Set (Set of 6 Different Sizes)


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Key Features

  • Includes 6 different screwdrivers: 0-Point and 1-Point Phillips screwdrivers and 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm Flat screwdrivers
  • Rust-resistance: hard-tempered black oxide shafts, durable and rust proof for more longevity
  • Carrying case: includes a plastic storage case to keep the six screwdrivers organized
  • For tightening/loosening smaller screws: ideal for watch repair, computers, smaller electronics, jewelry repair, and anything else with smaller micro screws
  • 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee from Tarvol

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable, a great screwdriver set for the price
  • Versatile with six different heads included in the set, includes all the useful sizes for both the Phillips and Flat screwdrivers
  • Very small case and easy to carry
  • Durable and rust-proof, great long-term investment


  • The included case is not very durable
  • The handles might not offer enough grip for some people

Our Verdict

The Tarvol Precision screwdriver set offers screwdrivers of six different sizes including 0-point, 1-Point Philips, and 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm Flat screwdrivers, making it a set versatile enough for various purposes like jewelry repair, watch repair, and fixing smaller electronic devices, among others.

A great thing about this set is that it features fully rust-proof blades, tempered with black oxide shafts for longevity and durability, making it a great long-term investment considering its relatively affordable price.

#7. JAKEMY Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Kit w/ Replaceable Bits

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Key Features

  • 43-in-1 repair kits, includes 36 types of screwdriver bits, 1 handle, 1 extension bar, 3 pick opener, and 1 napery. All the bits are magnetic and will be securely attached to the handle.
  • Includes micro Torx, Pentalobe(star), slotted, Hex, Phillips, Mainboard Phillips, Tri-wing, U-shaped, Triangle. Suitable for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/8 and MacBook or other smaller electronic devices.
  • Compact and portable, only 8.8 ounces in total with 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches.
  • 36 Types of Bits: Torx(2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), Pentalobe(star)(0.8,1.2,1.5),slotted?0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.03.5,4.0), Hex(0.9,1.3,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5), Phillips(1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.5), Mainboard Phillips(1.5), Tri-wing(0.8,2.0), U-shaped(2.6), Triangle(2.0)
  • Jakemy 365-day money-back guarantee

Pros and Cons


  • A versatile set, great for repairing most tiny parts in electronic devices
  • Comes with magnetic bits, which secures themselves with the handle to ensure stability
  • Great material used, extremely sturdy
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage and transport


  • Magnetic strength could be better and more consistent
  • The case might open accidentally

Our Verdict

An very good and affordable precision screwdriver set from Jakemy. Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this is a sub-quality set. The handles are comfortable and well made as are the tips.

The other advantage of this set is the number of bits you actually get for the price. It’s really difficult to find a set with this many replaceable magnetic tips under $15.

#6. XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Set with Magnetic Driver Kit

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Key Features:

  • 80 tools included in the set, designed to service all popular iiPad, iPhone, PC, Watches, Glasses, Laptops, Phones, Game Consoles, and other electronics
  • 58 screwdriver bits included, are made of high-quality S2 steel with great toughness and very durable. ESD metal pincettes are made of high-quality stainless steel that is rust-proof
  • utility knife, Anti-Static tweezers, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, SIM card ejector pin and LCD Suction Cup, Triangle plectrum, plastic spudgers, metal spudgers, SIM card shells, Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool, etc. Add Special Phillips and Y-tip Screwdriver are for removing the iPhone Middle Plate ‘s screws.
  • Magnetic drivers make it easy to fasten and pull screws.
  • Includes a high-quality Oxford storage bag, including a great protection and easier storage and carrying

Pros and Cons


  • A very versatile set with 80 different tools included
  • The screwdrivers come with flexible extension shafts, useful for certain operations
  • Strong magnetic force for the screwdrivers, allowing more precise and secure work
  • Great case, well-built and pretty durable


  • The handles of the screwdrivers don’t always spin well
  • Not all parts for the tools are included in the set

Our Verdict

The Xool 80-in-1 Precision set is a multi-purpose tool kit, an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility. There are 58 S2-steel screwdriver bits, but also tools like anti-static tweezers, suction cups, SIM shells, magnetizing/demagnetizing tools, and others.

All the tools included are pretty well-made, and the screwdrivers are lightweight and durable. Comes with a great Oxford-style storage bag, small and portable enough for easier storage and transport.

#5. Syntus Precision Screwdriver Set

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Key Features

  • 57 different bits included, useful to repair smartphones, tablets, and PCs including iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, as well as gaming consoles and controllers from Nintendo, PlayStation, or XBox.
  • A flexible shaft included, useful for smaller electronics
  • Multi-magnetic driver, easier fastening and pulling screws
  • Press-and-push design enables you to take out bits easily

Pros and Cons


  • Great overall quality, well-designed and pretty durable
  • S2-steel material in the screwdrivers, shock-resistant and durable
  • The magnetic driver is great throughout the screwdrivers
  • Intuitive push-and-pull design, easily attach and detach bits
  • Easy to use while being durable, great overall value


  • Many parts included, so it can be hard to take out the smaller bits
  • The plastic materials feel and look cheap
  • Screwdrivers might feel wobbly after prolonged use

Our Verdict

The Syntus Screwdriver set is renowned for quality, affordability, and performance. Comes with 64 different pieces in the entire set, including 57 screwdriver bits. Comes with an interesting design with a triangle plectrum that you can use for separating the multiple pieces included in the set for convenience.

Includes various bits of different sizes and shapes: triangular, tri-point, round, and your standard Phillips, among others. Very versatile set with great quality.

#4. Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Precision Screwdriver Set (24-Piece)


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Key Features

  • All-in-one precision screwdriver set, suitable for quartz watches, cameras, computers, smartphones, drones, radios, and other devices. Versatile for daily repair needs
  • Includes: PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, Y1, P2, P5, SL4.0, SL3.0, SL2.0, SL1.5, TORX T8H, TORX T6H, TORX T5H, TORX T4, TORX T3, TORX T2, 2.3, U2.6, H2.0, H1.5, TORX T15H, TORX T10H.
  • 24 pieces Wiha precision bits, made with computer numerical control process for higher accuracy (Tolerance: ±0.01mm)
  • Includes Philips, Flathead, Torx, Security Torx, Pentalobe, Triangle, Hexagons, Tri-point, Spanner, all meet ANSI Standard.
  • Anti-rust screwdriver handle made of aluminum alloy
  • Exquisite and ergonomics design with smoother arc edge for a comfortable grip. Sandblasted surfaces that is anti-rust and anti-sweat.
  • Luxury aluminum alloy storage box included for easier storage and transport.

Pros and Cons


  • A very versatile precision screwdriver set can meet various technical and daily needs
  • Compact and portable case, easier storage, and transport. Also includes magnetism in the case for a secure fit
  • Comfortable grip with aluminum alloy material
  • Anti-sweat, so they are skid proof
  • Rust-proof, great long-term investment


  • The heads can get a bit wobbly with regular use
  • Case not very durable

Our Verdict

The Xiaomi Wiha 24-in-1 offers a versatile precision screwdriver set with great build quality.  The bits are made of hardened SII steel, with an ergonomics handle. The case is both anti-sweat and rust-proof. Includes a wide variety of precision screwdriver bits that you can use for smaller equipment reparations.

Not the cheapest option, but is a really decent choice with 24 high-quality screwdrivers included in the set.

#3. Wiha 26099 Precision Slotted Screwdriver Set


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Key Features

  • High-performance screwdriver blades and tips, made from chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel with a hard chrome finish.
  • Chrome, anti-slip surface for the screwdriver tips
  • Rotating cap, allowing the precision screwdrivers to do precise turning with easy control with your fingertip
  • High-quality cadmium handle for durability and comfort
  • Tapered handle, allowing rapid but precise rotation

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality blades and tips, durable while ensuring comfort and precision
  • Precise tip and handle
  • Great rotating cap for easy control
  • Lifetime warranty for the set


  • Only four pieces included in the set
  • Relatively expensive for what it offers

Our Verdict

An excellent precision screwdriver set from Wiha, although it is a little more expensive. However, it is very durable and includes the most important sizes in the set.

The handles are exceptionally made, making them firm to hold and use. The taper on the handles also gives you a more comfortable and secure grip, allowing easier rotation. An excellent choice if you prefer quality over quantity.

#2. Wera Kraftform Micro Screwdriver Set (12-Piece)


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Key Features

  • Kraftform Micro set in a robust pouch
  • Anti-roll feature and swivel cap for rapid twisting
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection
  • Holding function for TORX screws
  • Built for electricians, opticians, precision mechanics, jewelers or IT hardware fitters

Pros and Cons


  • Non-rolling screwdriver design, easy to use and comfortable
  • Each tip is corrosion-resistant and made with precision
  • Includes a soft flexible case
  • Each screwdriver has a swivel cap for extra durability


  • No identifying marks on the case’s slots
  • Not magnetic

Our Verdict

The Wera Kraftworm Micro Screwdriver Set includes 12 different precision screwdrivers in the set and comes in a flexible cloth pouch for easier storage.

Each screwdriver is designed to resist rolling when placed on a smooth surface, which is a great feature, and each also features a swivel cap to allow rapid rotations with ease.

A great set with one minor downside in how the case features unmarked slots for different precision screwdrivers, so it can be difficult to find the screwdriver your need at times.

#1. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

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Key Features:

  • Developed by the famous tech reparation website, iFixit with the data from 5 years worth of repair manuals.
  • An all-in-one toolkit rather than just a precision screwdriver set, including other tools like a selection of pry tools, suction cup, magnetic sorting tray, etc. More value for your money, including the 64 Bit Driver Kit, the highest quality most comprehensive CNC machined bit set.
  • Highest-quality materials and manufacturing methods to ensure quality and durability
  • iFixit’s lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable price for the number of tools (not only precision screwdrivers) included in the set, great value for money
  • High-quality materials. The organization is much better than your typical toolset, and all tools included are durable and ergonomics
  • Some unique and useful designs like the magnetic mat that prevents screws from falling off your desk, flexible driver extension, and others.
  • Various different sizes included on each type of the tools fits various smartphone and computer models


  • Some of the tools are made of plastic and will wear down with use
  • The flexible extension for the driver is not magnetic (although the driver is)

Our Verdict

The Pro Tech Toolkit from iFixit is a rather unique choice in this list since it is a full-fledged toolkit rather than simply a precision screwdriver set. So, it provides more versatility than the other products on this list.

However, the 64-bit driver set is the key highlight of this toolkit, which also includes useful precision bits.

The tools including the driver set are made with high-quality materials, and also includes two cases: one for the whole toolkit, and a durable storage box for the 64-bit driver. A great value for money if you are looking for more versatility.

What Is a Precision Screwdriver?

Precision screwdrivers are also often called jewel screwdrivers and are typically used on smaller devices like electronic devices (including laptops and PCs), watches, smartphones, and others.

While the intended use is more or less similar to a standard screwdriver (that is, loosening or tightening screws), a precision screwdriver has a sleeker handle design and a smaller form factor.

The handle of a precision screwdriver is straighter and thinner as opposed to the bulky handles on standard screwdrivers.

Handles on standard screwdrivers are designed to provide more grip so we can twist the screwdriver with more force, but in a precision screwdriver, a thinner handle is designed to help more with accuracy.

So, we can roll the precision screwdriver between our fingers to loosen or tighten the screws.

Grip, on the other hand, is provided by the shaft, which typically features shallow ridges running from top to bottom to produce additional grip.

Although not always, most precision screwdrivers are fitted with a freely rotating bezel on the heel of the handle.

This is designed so that we can allow some additional pressure with our other hand or a finger while we rotate the handle. It allows us to rotate the handle with one hand and control applied pressure with another hand (or a finger), allowing more control and accuracy in the process.

Typically precision screwdrivers are purchased in sets (called precision screwdriver set, for obvious reason), consisting of between six or eight different screwdrivers in the set.

If it’s an 8-piece set, typically four of them will feature flat heads, and the other four will have Phillips heads.

There are also sets featuring rarer head types like star or Torx, so you can choose the right set depending on your specific needs.

There are also other variations, for example, there are precision screwdriver sets offering magnetized shafts so it will hold the screws on their tip. This feature can be useful to reduce the risks of losing small screws.

How Do You Use a Precision Screwdriver Set?

Choosing the right shaft and tip from the set

First things first, we’ll need to choose the right screwdriver from the set according to the screw you are going to tighten or loosen.

Your precision screwdriver set might include just six screwdrivers in it, but there are sets with more than 50 different screwdrivers where making the right choice can be more difficult.

Check the type and size of the screw, and try different screwdrivers in the set until you are 100% sure it’s going to fit.

You can test the screwdrivers simply by holding them by the top of the screw and see if they fit properly.

If the set features a removable shaft

There are precision screwdriver sets that feature removable shafts. In this case, simply remove the old screwdriver shaft from the handle, and then replace it with the right shaft that you’ve tested on the above step.

Typically it should be easy enough to swap the shaft/head.

Tighten or loosen the screw

The next step is pretty self-explanatory. Use the correct type and size of the precision screwdriver to loosen or tighten the screw on the device/item you are working on.

How To Choose The Best Precision Screwdriver Sets?

With so many different sets available on the market, choosing the right one according to your needs can indeed be a daunting task.

Here are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing between different products:

What’s included in the set

First and foremost, consider the content of the set. Some sets offer just five or six precision screwdrivers in the sets, but there are also those offering 50 in just a single set.

As a general rule of thumb, the more pieces included in the set, the better. However, the more screwdrivers included will obviously drive the price higher (or compromises the quality).

If you absolutely know the types and sizes you’ll need, then you might opt for the set with just these screwdrivers to save costs.

However, it might be worth investing in one that offers you a wide variety of precision screwdrivers so it’s going to be a more future-proof investment.

Material and durability

You’d want a precision screwdriver set that is made with durable materials. Especially look for sets that have blades or bits made with chrome vanadium steel or heavy-duty steel, and you’d want to look for sets with rust-proof coatings.

Also, check the handle materials. You’d want precision screwdrivers that are rubberized to allow more secure grips and comfort.


It’s very important to consider the ergonomic factors of the screwdrivers included in the set, especially the handle.

Again, handles that have rubberized or other softer coatings are easier to hold with a firmer and sturdier grip, while allowing you to be comfortable when holding them.

This is especially important if you are going to use the screwdrivers for a long period of time, not only to ensure comfort but to avoid injuries to your wrists and arms.

Storage Case 

Whether the set includes a case might seem like a minor factor to consider, but this is actually very important. Since you are going to get more than one screwdriver in the set (and typically more than five), a case will help you organize these precision screwdrivers.

Since precision screwdrivers are pretty small, a case would prevent you from losing them.

Also, different brands offer different materials and designs with their cases. Some offer durable, heavy-duty cases, and others might just offer a pouch.

Magnet vs No Magnet

Some precision screwdrivers offer magnetic screwdriver heads, which can be useful in securing the screws in place before you tighten them.

However, there are brands that claim to offer magnetic heads, but the magnetic elements aren’t very consistent.

Also, if you are going to use the screwdrivers on electronic devices that are overly sensitive to magnets, you might not want these magnetized heads.

One Driver vs Multiple Drivers

Some sets might come with just a handle and then a bunch of replaceable shafts and bits. Some others might offer whole screwdrivers, each with their permanent bits.

Both options are viable but one might suit different use cases better than the other.

Sets with a single handle might contain more bit sizes for the same price, so you’ll get more versatility from the set. However, sets with multiple permanent screwdrivers are typically easier to use.


It’s best to have a budget in mind when choosing between different sets, but obviously lower price tags usually mean lower quality (or, the set might include fewer screwdrivers).

It’s very important to find the right balance between cost, durability, and the number of screwdrivers included in the set.

If the set is very affordable but it doesn’t include too many bits you’re going to need, then it’s going to be a bad investment.

However, there are actually some sets with great quality, including the ones we are going to review further below.


As we can see, there is a wide variety of precision screwdriver sets available on the market, and selecting just a single one as the best is indeed a very daunting task.

There are so many different products available in the market, and each product offers its unique take on making the screwdrivers more durable and comfortable to use.

For our absolute best pick, although admittedly this is very hard, we’ll go for iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. Great value for its price by including various well-designed tools besides the precision screwdrivers and all of them are high-quality and durable.

However, that’s not saying the others on this list are bad products. We are confident that based on our tests, these precision screwdriver sets we have reviewed above are indeed the best available in the market today.