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      you use windows Form as the Interface (layout) of various components,and use C# to write the Event Handling .

      the Faceplate in  rockwell automation process library  is also a kind of Forms as you prepared, so operator can click and input.  I can not find their C# or c++ (Compiled) event handling program .In rockwell ‘s process library documentation ,they put AOI and Faceplate together .My question is how rockwell write the Faceplate .



        Hi Chihu and welcome to the forums.

        Yes you are correct that I am using WinForms in the YouTube video series: C# HMI – Using Ingear and Visual Studio. I’m essentially creating the components in C# and then using Ingear.NET drivers to provide the underlying connectivity from C# to the controller. I’m not sure Rockwell makes available the actual code behind to generate their Faceplates and AOIs. The whole idea behind Faceplates and AOIs is to avoid the coding portion and provide drag and drop type functionality in FTV and Studio.

        To be honest I’ve not looked at whether Rockwell provides their code or not but I doubt it. If you’re interested in how I wrote the event handlers and setup the C# code for the sample application in the video series it is available for download here on the site: https://plcgurus.net/product/custom-c-hmi-source-code/. Of course what is provide is for demonstration and learning purposes only.


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          Hello guys,

          I’m trying to make an Ethernet connection between two computers, one with RSEmulate and the other with an application in C#, how I need to configure the computer with RSEmulate to accept the connection from the other computer?

          I see that is something in RSLinx but I’m kind of lost.

          Any help would be appreciated.

          Thank You

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            You may have found your answer, but you need a communications protocol driver such as EthernetIP driver .
            They have them on the net . As for rockwells faceplates they are built with FactoryTalk View HMI software ..
            The HMI software has a driver –
            download AdvancedHMI and you can see kind of how this works ..

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