Intouch Wonderware Duty/Assist Code?

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      I would appreciate some help on how to write the code for a duty and assist pump arrangement.

      The water level is controlled with an ultrasonic sensor and the duty and assist pumps will start when the water reaches a certain level.  I want the pumps to operate on duty/assist arrangement and automatically alternate duty after each pumping event.

      Can anyone help with this code please – I’ve tried everything but no joy?!

      Thanks in advance…

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        You would be better off designing a duty assist block within your PLC and not perform this within the SCADA system

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          What you are referring to is a lead lag system. If you have a PLC – you REALLY REALLY REALLY should program in the PLC.
          If you have Danfoss Aqua VLT drives for the pumps you can do it in the drives.
          If you have none of those options – and you have no choice then the below is some rough pseudo code ..

          //Use the sensor for determining if water is needed.

          If  DebouncedWaterSensorLevel <= RequestWaterLevel then Water_Requested =true else Water_Requested =false endif;

          //Set the Conditional Start State values to a single boolean value for ease of use and code readability.
          Pump1IsOperable == AnyPump1NoRunConditon; // alarm, maintenance etc
          Pump2IsOperable == AnyPump2NoRunConditon; // alarm, maintenance etc

          Pump1Select = ((LastPumpWas == 2) AND (Pump1IsOperable == true)) OR ((LastPumpWas == 2) AND (Pump2IsOperable == false) AND (Pump1IsOperable == true)) ;
          Pump2Select = ((LastPumpWas == 1) AND (Pump2IsOperable == true)) OR ((LastPumpWas == 1) AND (Pump1IsOperable == false) AND (Pump2IsOperable == true));

          // Do we have an Alarm or No Run Condition ?  this will need better refinement
          if ((Pump1Select == false) AND (Pump2Select == false) AND (InMaintenance == false)) then
          PumpNotAvailableAlarm == true endif;

          If ((PumpAlarm ==false) AND (Water_Requested==true)) AND Pump1Select then
          StartPump1 = true
          LastPumpWas = 1
          if AssistRequired then StartPump2 = true endif;
          ((PumpAlarm ==false) AND (Water_Requested==true)) AND Pump2Select then
          StartPump2 = true
          if AssistRequired then StartPump1 = true endif;
          LastPumpWas = 2

          You can trigger recording hourly usage via the startpump and shutdown of pump via another script.

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