NAT with Stratix 5700

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      I am attempting a simple NAT with two ControlLogix PLCs; both L73S, with the Stratix 5700 8 port 10CGN

      PLC1  ip address is gateway, this controller has exclusive connections to devices

      PLC2 ip address is; gateway, this controller has a connection to 5700. devices are inhibited.

      Devices to translate:

      1723ES ArmorBlock safety IO 192.168.105; NAT

      284ES ArmorStart motor starter; NAT

      1732E-8CFGM8R ;; NAT

      1732E-8IOLM12R ;; NAT

      I setup smart ports, enabled layer 3 routing per your videos, setup port configuration, VLan mgmt. etc. RSLinx is unable to discover any of the NAT addresses. All of the devices are on Eth1-IP and Eth-1. which is the 192.168.1 network. RSLinx can communicate with all.

      Eth2-IP is the 10.0.103 network and only the EN2TR is visible. No NAT  devices on Eth-2 are visible.

      There is NAT taking place because I have a connection to the ArmorBlock at .105 and the ArmorStart at .22. The motor is spinning. I am unable to connect to the IOlink at .125 or the 8CFG at .79. Connection timeout errors in the AOP

      NAT only works if I setup the Public to Private configuration, see file nat config2 From the EN2TR at to the 5700 at The gateway NAT does not have any affect. I can delete it and the connection remains to the ArmorStart. If I delete the Public to Private NAT, the connection breaks.

      What should I try next?

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        Hi Alex,

        Welcome to the forums! You had this posted in the “Practice Posting” forum which is why I wasn’t notified. Do you have any error on your switch in the bottom status bar i.e., uplink port is blocked or something along those lines? A drawing of your layout would be helpful to visualize too, even if it’s a sketch or something.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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