S7 300 Upload Error 13:77

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    FcoBecerraJuan Becerra
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    Hello everyone!

    I have the following problem when backing up an S7 300 PLC… 13:77 “(2000) Error while uploading the configuration to the programming device (PG). Do you want to continue?”
    Error 13:77 is in a table of errors that siemens publishes, which I attached.
    Has this error occurred to anyone? How can it be corrected? I am doing a backup of the plc to add a card to the rack, but my fear is that when downloading the new hardware configuration with the additional card to the plc, I also download the error 13:77 that was detected and this generates a malfunction of the machine
    Unfortunately, I don’t have the original manufacturer’s program.
    I will appreciate any information that can help me correct this problem.
    Thank you very much!

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