Stratix 5700 Inter VLAN routing


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      Hey guys,

      I am working on something similar to one of your videos.  I have a Stratix 5700 switch setup for routing.  I had some similar issues with some other forums. But i thought it may be better to start a new one.  I have a line control PLC on network.  I need to be able to communicate with it from the Plant network on with a subnet mask of  I set up my switch for routing. When i enabled it,  I too could not put in a gateway address of  But i left it blank and got the error message “Enabling routing without a gateway address may lose device connectivity. Do you want continue?”  I accepted.  I added a VLAN10 with an IP address of  I am trying to get to a PC that has a factory talk view SE client on it, to talk to the PLC on 192 network.  I cannot ping the PC from the router.  I was wondering where i should go from here.

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