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      Well I tried to leave a reply to an article posted – twice really – and it seems the reply did not work as there are no comments and no notifications that comments exist on the article etc..


        Hi Ken,

        Thanks for notifying me of the issue. Could you let me know what article it is you were trying to leave a comment?We recently moved to a new hosting provider and I think there are still some small lingering issues. It definitely helps when members like yourself help identify any issues. Again thanks!


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          I read your article “HOW TO SAFELY DISCHARGE A CAPACITOR?” and as there is no comments link in that article, I’ll post my comment here.

          Years ago, I figured out a way to discharge a capacitor cheap and easy. Find a piece of cardstock or even a small scrap of cardboard box, it only needs to be big enough to cover the capacitor terminals, and using a graphite tipped pencil (NOT a pen) scribble a line nice and dark the length of the distance between the capacitor terminals. Use your multimeter to validate the pencil line has measurable resistance that you just scribbled and using caution to avoid touching anything conductive (either capacitor terminals or graphite line) tape the home-made resistor to the capacitor terminals.

          Reflecting on my own experience using this method, I usually ended up with a couple thousand ohms resistance which doesn’t generate much heat, if any at all, depending on the capacity. Of course, situations vary so use your own common sense and make sure your hand-crafted resistor isn’t smoking before you turn away from it.  I used this trick many times and never had one smoke on me, but I must cover all bases.

          Happy New Year!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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